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Rick Ross’s iced-out self-portrait gold face chain might be the most expensive piece of rapper jewelry right now, but it would pale in comparison to the gold jewelry of the richest man who ever lived — Mansa Musa, King of the West African Empire. Although unfortunately, in the 14th century, Mansa Musa didn’t have any performers who were down with the king and could rock a rhyme with him, he was dressing like he was ready to bust a flow. Bedecked in layers of gold chains, rings, bracelets, wearing a crown, and carrying a gold scepter, the man was so rich he was giving gold away to villagers (earning him fans but wrecking the economy). 500 years later, rappers Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane would start wearing crowns and holding scepters, but it was Kurtis Blow who paved the way. When Blow came out with the first certified gold hip-hop record, he celebrated his successful breakthrough by wearing gold chains on his groundbreaking album cover. While his chains were thin by Mansa Musa’s standards, they showed off a kind of wealth that was even more important than money; success. The hip-hop movement began as an art form for groups that were marginalized and oppressed. Created by African Americans, Latin Americans and Caribbean Americans and in the Bronx, NYC, hip-hop fused art and resistance. It provided new values that challenged a system that worked against them. Those who were successful proved that they could defy the challenges stacked against them. Wearing the most eye-catching gold chains, rings, and sneakers wasn’t for the simple sake of materialism—it gave hope to other aspiring, low-income artists. It showed the world the power of those it had been neglecting.


Initially, early hip-hop gold jewelry styles such as gold rope chains gained popularity, but mostly among other hip-hop artists. As the genre started gaining traction, the real jewelry became more diverse. LL Cool J became one of the first to popularize four-fingered rings, and Biz Markie brought it up a level when he added diamonds to the mix. In the 1990s, rap became tremendously successful. Platinum chains and diamonds became the new trend. People like P. Diddy (one of our celebrity customers!), and Missy Elliot made gold chains a desirable style even to those outside of hip-hop, while others continued to develop new styles. The Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, and Lil Kim started popularizing religious pendants, while female rappers such as Roxanne Shanté and the group Salt-N-Pepa popularized oversized gold earrings. These jewelry trends continued to expand and develop through the 2000s, making them one of the most talked-about styles of jewelry in pop culture. Rather than lying outside the realm of mainstream fashion, hip-hop fashion started to shape mainstream jewelry trends.


It’s no secret that many business owners and executives in the jewelry industry can’t keep up with the new demands for unique hip-hop jewelry styles. They make feeble attempts to stick to their old-fashioned products, offering a generic-looking gold chain or statement ring here and there. Here at Erum The Jewellery Studio, we’re located in Palanpur, Gujarat. In the heart of cultural growth and awareness, we’re always at the cutting-edge of today’s styles. It doesn’t take a visionary to see the direction jewelry is going, but so many stores fail to adapt. Supplying the highest quality of craftsmanship in our real hip hop jewelry for sale is not only our pleasure; it’s the only way we see fit. At its heart, hip-hop jewelry is about the individual, self-expression, and accomplishment—jewelry that’s run-of-the-mill doesn’t suffice. Though we have an impressive array of celebrity customers, we offer high-end gold hip-hop jewelry at the best price guarantee. Our online store allows us to make men’s diamond hip-hop jewelry available for the world, for men and women. Today’s contemporary hip-hop jewelry styles exemplify some of the most refined artistry today. In case you’re wondering what kind of jewelry to get, here are some of our favorite high quality, low price pieces.

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In 2021, custom pendants continue to be a centerpiece in rap jewelry competition. T. Pain’s Diamond Bottle chains, DaBaby’s Stewie Griffin pendant, and Lil Yachty’s Bart Simpson piece, are just a few of the many wild custom pendants rappers invest in.


Rappers, boxers, ballers, DJs, celebrities, and more—hip-hop statement rings are starting to take over the world of high-end fashion rings. We also offer engagement rings:


Whether worn in layers, on their own, with a pendant, or encrusted with diamonds, you can’t underestimate a gold chain’s ability to elevate any outfit. Here are some of our best gold hip-hop chains for sale, available in white gold, yellow, and rose.


Adding some bling to your wrists is a sure way to never go unnoticed. Here are some of our best NYC styles:


These real gold and diamond watches are so iced-out, it’s surprising they don’t freeze time itself.


Grillz are an edgy way to stand out and show you’re the real deal. We offer real diamond grillz made from solid gold in your choice of color.

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