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Be the creator of your own mASTER pIECE

We specialize in making exquisitely unique custom made jewelry pieces, from diamond engagement rings to custom made hip hop pendants and diamond necklaces. Any design is possible and you can be the creator of your own one of a kind jewelry piece by following our simple process to bring your special designs to life.

Please email your design with a list of details below to: You can also call one of our customer service representatives and they will explain the custom design process in detail. We work with you throughout the design/manufacturing process to meet and exceed your expectations on every level. Our jewelry artists will also hand select and perfectly match diamonds and gemstones for your custom jewelry piece whether it is a diamond necklace, a custom designed bracelet, a unique diamond engagement ring, or a dazzling one of a kind custom made diamond pendant.

It would be best if you already have a sketch and will be able to let us know how your custom jewelry should look like. In this case please attach it to your email. Also please include the following information about your custom jewelry: Your budget, Size (width and height), Metal, Stones, Diamond Shape

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