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Erum was established with the passion for jewellery and gems. Since the time immemorial, jewellery has been a sign of prestige, nobility and grace in itself and it enhances the beautiful soul wearing it. Erum which literally means "Jannat"​ or "Heaven"​ aims to maintain the purity and quality by giving you heavenly jewellery, just as the name suggests.

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For me detailing is very important. I stress on the little things that make my pieces stand out. To me the look from the top is as important as the look from beneath. Every prong, every stone, the metal porosity, the locking mechanism, the linking, all contribute to the finishing of a product. Look for great finish when you buy a product because eventually the piece will tarnish with wear and you will notice its defects. Great design must come with great finish. Make that a very important aspect while choosing any and all jewellery

- Mahammad Ali

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